Chronological History

1954 - Frank L. Randall purchased land for Gardens of Memory on November 7th. State Charter issued, November 10th. - First ten acres dedicated. Rules and Regulations for Gardens of Memory established. First family bought property in Gardens of Memory, November 27. Trust fund established with Merchants National Bank in Muncie, December 15.

1955 - Garden of Devotion developed. First funeral in Gardens of Memory, July 2. - First offices built.

1956 - Tower of Hymns built. - Christus & Good Shepherd features erected. Land for Christus, Masonic and Faith Gardens dedicated.

1957 - Masonic Garden developed and features installed. Land for Gethsemane and Last Supper dedicated. First blacktopping applied.

1958 - Garden of Faith landscaped and the feature erected. - First office expansion.

1959 - Garden of Prayer finished and panels installed. New equipment maintenance & storage building built.

1960 - Second addition to office. - Purchase first backhoe.

1961 - Land dedicated for the Gardens of Meditation. - Vault manufacturing building expanded.

1963 - Babyland designed and the feature installed. - Garden of Ten Commandments prepared.

1964 - Ground broken for 1,400 crypt chapel mausoleum.

1966 - First committal service held in Chapel of Memories. First complete service held at Gardens of Memory.

1968 - New 4,000 sq. ft. vault manufacturing plant built. Old vault plant remodeled for new equipment and shop area. Endowment funds reach $500,000.

1969 - The Gardens of Love and Psalms were developed.

1970 - Additional counseling offices were built, older office remodeled. Trust fund established with Citizens State Bank in Hartford City.

1972 - Began construction of second committal chapel

1973 - First committal service held in the Chapel of Meditation. Acquired 21 acres west of Gardens of Memory.

1974 - First mass installation of top sealed crypts, 550 in the Garden of Love West. 2,600 ft. of 15 inch and 12 inch tile was laid in the new 21 acres.

1975 - Garden of Love West finished and the feature installed.

1976 - Endowment funds reach $1,000,000.

1977 - Garden of Ten Commandments expanded with the second mass installation of 700 top sealed crypts.

1978 - Third mass installation of top sealed crypts, 1,000 in the Gardens of Miracles West. Major addition to office.

1979 - Tower of Miracles erected in new Garden of Miracles East.

1981 - Superintendent's office completed - Began conversion to computer. Endowment funds reach $1,500,000. - Acquired 88 acres south of Gardens of Memory. Fourth mass installation of top sealed crypts, 480 in the Garden of Parables.

1982 - Lincoln feature installed in the Garden of Miracles West. 240 lawn crypts installed in Garden of Parables.

1983 - Garden of Parables dedicated, features installed and 782 lawn crypts installed.

1984 - Installed in-house computer system for all phases of record keeping

1985 - Gardens of Memory Endowment funds surpassed $2,000,000. Erected new equipment storage building.

1986 - Installed new electronic telephone system. Paved road around Garden of Parables. Extensively remodeled offices.

1987 - Landscaped creek dividing Gardens of Memory property.